Feb 4, 2016

Gains & Loses

 A few months ago, I made a tremendous find in a Costco warehouse, a Rioja Reserva was stacked on a pallet in the "volume" wine section. Upon observing a bottle, I realized that they had carried a Crianza a few years prior. Now, they are selling a reserva. 

Now you must be thinking, Crianza, Reserva, what is this guy talking about?
In Spain, a Crianza wine by law, is a wine that is aged one year in oak barrels then one to two years in bottle before it's released. 

A Reserva, is a wine that is aged two years in oak barrels then another year in bottle minimum before its release. Thus, the consumer is getting a wine that has more maturity and complexity by the time
it makes it into the glass. In other words, 
more BANG for your bucks!

And one who tries such a wine will experience a Bang! on ones palate when
savoring this juice!

I had told many of you to grab as much of this wonderful libation as possible because at $7.99 a bottle, this deal isn't going to last! Since then, people have been telling me; " I bought a case and now I'm down to just 3 bottles! When are they going to get more? "

Sadly, I honestly don't know! But that's the thing with great wine buys, you never know when the next great deal will be!
So for that reason, I recommend you subscribe to my blog because you never know when a deal like AntaƱo Reserva Rioja is going to present itself again. 

But I can tell you this; Stay Tuned,.. I'm about to go to press with another great wine find and when I post it, be ready to pounce on it! 

Here are two power house wines, one from Spain, a "Righteous Rioja" and a Gold Label Chianti, rich, voluptuous reds that bath the palate in dark red fruit with a rich, pompous finish. Not easy to get either for under $30.00!

See if they still have any o this sacred nectar at Ventura Wine ( & The Cave ) in Ventura on Telephone and McGrath!    

Top Notch Rioja from Spain and "Liquid Gold Chianti from Italy".